Miss Florence Hamilton-Beech

Competitor to the bookstore


Lady occultist and owner of the Apokrypha bookshop. Florence is the younger daughter of Lord Maurice Hamilton-Beech, M.P. for North Winthrop, and began a lifelong interest in the occult while attending a private convent school in South London. As Florence showed an early talent for art, the school arranged private tuition for her with local artist Austin Osman Spare.

A small inheritance from an aunt enabled Florence to start up her shop, which she has run for some six years now to considerable success. This is due mainly to Florence’s genial and inclusive approach— all genuine seekers are most welcome to the shop and Florence ensures that the views of all are respected. You will never hear a voice raised in anger whilst Florence is present. Providing a similarly calm, reassuring and mature voice when controversies do erupt, will earn her attention and respect. Perhaps unsurprisingly Florence prefers to confine her social life to the shop, but occasionally has small tea parties at her home in Dulwich Village overlooking Dulwich Park and an easy tram journey into town.

Miss Florence Hamilton-Beech

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