Illuminations- Bookhounds of London

Season 2, episode 3

Our tale this week began with all the players being turned into cats. They find themselves in the company of a beautiful Egyptian woman. She leads them through the streets of London to just outside of the British Museum.

She speaks to them telepathically and lets them know she needs their help. ‘A bad man is going to try to steal a sacrificial knife from one of the Egyptian exhibits. If he should get it, something very bad could happen.’

After some discussion with her along the lines of ’where the hell are my thumbs? and exactly why us?, our feline heroes bound off through an open window and begin making their way through the museum.

Sure enough, one of the security guards is trying to steal an old Egyptian knife that had once been used in the funeral rites of several great Pharohs! They begin dashing about around the watchman…tripping him…pouncing on him…doing everything they can to keep him from his appointed task.

And suddenly…they turn back into people!

By this time other security guards arrive and the players begin to paint a very vivid picture of what the evil night watchman was up to. They are so convincing that the police show up and cart the watchman off to jail. Well…back to jail to be more precise. Once a crook, always a crook!

On their way home, they notice a group of African men outside the museum. The men pursue them for a ways, but are eventually scared off.

Who were the men? To what purpose was the knife to be used?


Garyfo Garyfo

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