Illuminations- Bookhounds of London

Season 2, episode 1

Miss McCourt, your furnace is full of Nazis!

And so we return to Illuminations!
Our story resumes with Miss Florence Hamilton-Beech paying a visit to Violets lovely bookstore. Florence of course is full of herself, and is eventually escorted out by Angus.

A new ‘regular’ customer, a Dr. Reginald Biggs, a noted geologist, is there at the time as well. He notes the lovely violin music the store is playing, and also notes the crazy cat lady outside of the store.

Violets older sister, Petunia, is also there. Petunia is down on her luck, out of money, and in need of employment. Violet, being a good sister, has offered her a position in the store. Violet also hears the music…as does everyone else in the store.

Angus checks the radio, and finds it’s not even on! Nigel seems rather oblivious to everything.

Petunia tracks down the source of the music- a young man playing an american style fiddle. But, he’s trying to play classical music on it and she knows he’ll never hit the notes he wants to on that instrument. As she approaches him…the young man disappears! This is very unsettling!

That night, when everyone has left, Angus is up in his room, studying. He hears the distant sounds of singing so goes downstairs to investigate. In the main store, he can still hear the music and it sounds like a large group of people singing..from the cellar.

Angus heads down to the cellar and smells beer, and can clearly hear a bunch of people singing German drinking songs! As he approaches the large metal object sticking out of the floor that nobody will tell him about..the music stops.

The next day, Dr. Biggs is heading back to Illuminations. He’s been studying the recent earthquakes and is mysteriously drawn to the store. On his way, he sees the crazy cat lady again. She tells him that demons have been loosed upon the earth. She’s certain of it. He follows her for a while as she wanders around the neighborhood. At any given time at least a dozen cats are following as well.

Interestingly, the store cat, Nessie, has been behaving strangely as well. She won’t leave Angus’ side at all!

Dr. Biggs returns to the store as Nigel, Angus, Petunia and Violet are discussing the very real possibility of ghosts!

Angus also tells them he saw what he thinks was some kind of military priest in the basement. The apparation seemed to be terrified of something, and disappeared before he could talk to it. Biggs mentions the crazy cat lady and at the very moment…they hear the violin music again.

Biggs, Violet, and Petunia head to the corner of the store where the young man had been previously. They see him again. He’s a young man, dressed in a German navy uniform. Violet tries talking to him in German, and he explains that he can’t get the right sound out of his fiddle…because of the big gash in the back of it. As he says that…he peers over his shoulder…looks terrified…and disappears.

Later in the evening…they are all in the cellar..inspecting what they now recognize as the prow of a German U-Boat sticking out of the cellar floor, when the other ghost makes his appearance in the bookstore.

He’s an officer of some type, and is paging through a text on the proper way to give last rites. It’s obvious to Angus that he’s some kind of military clergy. As they approach him…he too looks terrified for a moment…drops the book he’s reading and disappears!

What can all of this mean? Is the submarine full of dead sailors? How did they die…are they really dead?

So many questions!


Garyfo Garyfo

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