Illuminations- Bookhounds of London

Illuminations Part 1

The Auction

Our bookhounds are invited to an auction at the Bonham Auction House. The auction is for a number of items found in the shipwreck of the ‘Dearest Cherie’. The featured items are the ship’s wheel, various sketchbooks by the ships crew, the ships log books, and the ships map folio.
The other notable attendees are:
Miss Florence Hamilton-Beech- owner of the Apokrypha Bookshop
A mysterious man in a trenchcoat.
A dirty old man.
A pair of Germans, identical twins actually.
The auction kicks off with some of the crewmans uniforms being sold off and than the real action begins. The dirty old man bids on every item but wins none of them. Miss Hamilton-Beech also doesn’t win any of the items. The Germans win the ships wheel, and the players come away with the rest.
The auction finishes, and the players return to Illuminations with their new treasures.
What they discovered:
The map folio had your common navigation maps…and than a hand drawn set of maps a star chart (with stars that don’t exist as far as the players know), a map of two cities seperated by a river, a map of a forest, and a map of some mountains (all hand drawn…poorly)
-The ships log was more of a romantic narrative than a log…and the last pages are the ramblins of a madman..all about stars and odd dolphin sightings
-The sketchbooks were from various crewman and Bradford himself. These too all slowly became more insane as they progressed.

But now they have many questions. Do they want to keep these things or try to sell them. Who was the guy in the trench coat? And if the books and maps were this weird, than what was so important about the ships wheel and why were the Germans interested in it?


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